Taylorism on steroids or enabling autonomy? A systematic review of algorithmic management

Niilo Noponen, Polina Feshchenko, Tommi Auvinen, Vilma Luoma-aho, Pekka Abrahamsson

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The use of algorithmic management systems is rapidly changing organizational models and practices, as millions of workers in multiple sectors worldwide are managed by computer software. Despite receiving increasing academic interest, little summarizing literature exist on the ways algorithmic systems are used in management. This article aims to fill this gap by systematically reviewing and qualitatively analyzing 172 articles on the topic. Our research contributes to the existent algorithmic management literature in three ways. First, we provide a descriptive overview of algorithmic management as a field of research. Second, we identify and synthesize the discussion on the key concepts of the topic, namely how algorithmic management: (1) simultaneously restrains and enables workers’ autonomy—yet income dependency and other factors force inflexible work practices; (2) creates a complex, digital version of Taylorism; and (3) creates new and changes existing organizational power structures. Third, as our main theoretical contribution, we create the framework of Algorithmic Management Grid that demonstrates the ways in which organizations use algorithmic systems in management. The Algorithmic Management Grid illustrates how, in both novel and traditional organizational models, algorithmic management may be used with emphasis either on controlling or enabling workers. Based on the reviewed literature, we claim that so far, companies have mostly utilized algorithmic systems in a controlling manner, neglecting the technology’s enabling potential in organizing.

JulkaisuManagement Review Quarterly
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TilaE-pub ahead of print - 2023
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