The games we play: Relationships between game genre, business model and loot box opening

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The use of loot boxes is endemic in contemporary games, having originated in the free-to-play games of China and Japan they are now a common feature in almost every type of business model and genre. Primarily used to increase monetisation they are not without controversy as they have been accused of driving a “pay-to-win” approach to gaming and have even been linked to the development of problematic gambling behaviours. Considering the fact that there are a huge range of disparate practices connected to loot boxes, and that loot boxes are present in all forms of contemporary games this research asks the following question: Which business models and game genres, if any, are associated with increased opening of paid loot boxes? We employed survey data (N=613) gathered among gamers. We can conclude that loot boxes seem to be pervasive across games and there is no strong evidence that any business model of genre would clearly predict loot box opening activities and that players of all kinds of games probably encounter them in the gaming activities one way or the other. However, we can also conclude that loot box opening activities seems to be most strongly connected with both the retail and free-to-play business models as well as the shooter game genre.

OtsikkoGamiFIN 2019 : GamiFIN Conference 2019 : Proceedings of the 3rd International GamiFIN Conference Levi, Finland, April 8-10, 2019
ToimittajatJonna Koivisto, Juho. Hamari
TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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TapahtumaInternational GamiFIN Conference - Levi, Suomi
Kesto: 8 huhtik. 201910 huhtik. 2019


NimiCEUR Workshop Proceedings
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ConferenceInternational GamiFIN Conference


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