The Journey Towards Resilience among Malaysian Woman with Breast Cancer

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A diagnosis of a chronic illness, such as cancer, can lead to a crisis in one's life. Although cancer patients face many biopsychosocial challenges, the literature has pointed to resilience as a key factor in coming to terms with the diagnosis and treatment. Though resilience has been discussed in various disciplines, and also from a socio-cultural perspective, there is still no universal consensus about its defining features. Furthermore, most studies have employed a quantitative approach in the understanding of what causes resilience. This qualitative study discusses the results of interviews among 18 Malaysian women with breast cancer, exploring what made these woman resilient. A thematic analysis uncovered seven themes related to the participants pathways towards resilience: drastic changes of body-image; self-reflection; spiritual resources; restoration of confidence; informal and formal support; and life appreciation. This study is vital to understanding the impact that resilience has on the experience of women with breast cancer.

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