The quality of life of frequently vs. infrequently screened HPV vaccinated women

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Purpose: Cervical lesions caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) are related to decreased quality of life (QoL) of women. Also, cervical cancer (CC) screening can cause psychological adverse effects. It has been assumed that by decreasing the HPV-related disease burden, HPV vaccinations would increase the QoL. This study compares the effect of CC screening on QoL of HPV vaccinated women in two different screening protocols. Methods: A total of 753 HPV16/18 vaccinated women were randomized to frequent (22/25/28 years of age) and infrequent (28 years of age) CC screening arms. QoL questionnaires (EQ VAS, RAND 36, amended CECA 10) were sent at the age of 28. Results: Median EQ VAS scores were 80 (Q1–Q3 75–90) in both screening arms. Mean RAND 36 scores of frequently and infrequently screened women were 78.13/81.64 in Physical role functioning domain and, respectively, 77.93/80.18 in Pain, 69.10/69.12 in General Health, 54.67/53.61 in Energy, 83.72/85.11 in Social functioning, 69.53/69.68 in Emotional role functioning, and 68.16/69.29 in Emotional well-being domain. Among women with a self-reported history of Pap cytology abnormalities, overall mean scores of amended CECA 10 were 69.52/72.07, and among women with a self-reported history of genital warts, 60.09/66.73, respectively. Conclusion: There was no significant difference in the QoL of HPV vaccinated women between the two CC screening arms. Women were mostly satisfied with the screening experience despite the screening frequency. This information is important for the future screening program planning as we need to reach the best possible balance with screening benefits and harms. Trial registration number: NCT02149030, date of registration 29/5/2014.

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