Three-Dimensional Measurements in Assessing the Results of Inferior Turbinate Surgery

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Objectives: Acoustic rhinometry is widely used in evaluating patients with nasal congestion, but it only has a partial correlation with patient symptoms. The use and focus of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans are mainly on the paranasal sinuses and less on the nasal cavities. Therefore, information acquired from CBCT scans is not used to its full extent. In our present study, we have studied patients with enlarged inferior turbinates. Our aim was to investigate and compare the use of 3D volumetric measurements and cross-sectional area measurements taken from CBCT scans to results obtained from acoustic rhinometry. Material and methods: In total, 25 patients with enlarged inferior turbinates were studied. CBCT scans were obtained preoperatively and at twelve months postoperatively. 3D volumetric and cross-sectional area measurements were compared to results from acoustic rhinometry, the visual analogue scale (VAS) and Glasgow Health Status Inventory (GHSI) questionnaires. Results: A statistically significant change in 3D volume and cross-sectional area was measured in the anterior part of the inferior turbinate and surrounding air space after inferior turbinate surgery. VAS and GHSI results had mild correlations with the 3D volume and cross-sectional area measurements of the anterior part of the inferior turbinate. Acoustic rhinometry correlated with the air space 3D volume measurements in the anterior part. Conclusions: Fully utilized CBCT scans provide more comprehensive and accurate information. Furthermore, 3D analysis of the inferior turbinates provides valuable information and more precise measurements compared to acoustic rhinometry.

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