Toward Developing Surrogate Model Integrating Multi-physics, Multi-criteria Models for Additive Manufacturing Technologies

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    Additive Manufacturing (AM) is intensifying the digitalization of the manufacturing and generating disruptive changes and the paradigm shift in the industry. To boost the productivity in AM, the improvement in parts qualification is required. Qualifying the parts implies the capability to ensure constant and repeatable part properties meeting the engineering design requirements. It implies to certify not only the structure, properties and global performance of a part but also its manufacturing process. Modelling and simulation techniques can target them separately, but linking models describing those characteristics is quite challenging since they have the different level of details and sometimes different purposes. Presenting those models in the form of causal graph will enable us to combine models with different level of details. The current research utilizes functional analysis and dimensional analysis to present the models in the form of the causal graph between associated parameters. The DACM Framework integrating fundamental required methods and theories is briefly explained in this article. The current research will then aim at developing a surrogate model capable of integrating the different models such as microstructure models, layer by layer melting/solidification and part models. The final comprehensive model can simulate to AM system to fulfill multi-criteria performances.
    OtsikkoProceedings of the 1st Annual SMACC Research Seminar 2016
    TilaJulkaistu - lokak. 2016
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