Wearable Sensors for Physiological Condition and Activity Monitoring

Pillalamarri Srikrishnarka, Joonas Haapasalo, Juan P. Hinestroza, Zhipei Sun, Nonappa

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Rapid technological advancements have transformed the healthcare sector from traditional diagnosis and treatment to personalized health management. Biofluids such as teardrops, sweat, interstitial fluids, and exhaled breath condensate offer a rich source of metabolites that can be linked to the physiological status of an individual. More importantly, these biofluids contain biomarkers similar to those in the blood. Therefore, developing sensors for the noninvasive determination of biofluid-based metabolites can overcome traditionally invasive and laborious blood-test-based diagnostics. In this context, wearable devices offer real-time and continuous physiological conditions and activity monitoring. The first-generation wearables included wristwatches capable of tracking heart rate variations, breathing rate, body temperature, stress responses, and sleeping patterns. However, wearable sensors that can accurately measure the metabolites are needed to achieve real-time analysis of biomarkers. In this review, recent progresses in wearable sensors utilized to monitor metabolites in teardrops, breath condensate, sweat, and interstitial fluids are thoroughly analyzed. More importantly, how metabolites can be selectively detected, quantified, and monitored in real-time is discussed. Furthermore, the review includes a discussion on the utility of, multifunctional sensors that combine metabolite sensing, human activity monitoring, and on-demand drug delivery system for theranostic applications.

JulkaisuSmall Science
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TilaE-pub ahead of print - 2024
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